• Absolute natural protein from fish, 25gN/L.
  • With 2 main ingredients: anchovies and pure Ca Na sea salt
  • An incubation formula of over a hundred years, in the ratio of 3:1 (3 fish 1 salt) from 12-24 months.
  • Trademarks are protected internationally, products are sold throughout the domestic and foreign markets.
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  1. The main raw materials are 100% from the sea of Ca Na – Ninh Thuan (one of the important factors to ensure the production of quality products)
  • Anchovies in upwelling water area in Vietnam, rich in nutrients and high in protein (incubated directly on the ship, when caught at sea to ensure the freshness of the fish from the very beginning)
  • The largest pure (> 95%) Ca Na salt field in the country is the best salt in Southeast Asia (stored for a while to reduce the original salinity and astringency of the salt)
  • From these precious ingredients and CANA’s hundred-year-old formula, CANA produces brown fish sauce, rich in flavor and aroma, true to the standard of traditional fish sauce.
  1. The brewing process is from 12-24 months
  • With CANA, every drop of fish sauce created is distilled essence from the sea and sky, making family meals more attractive after a day of hard work and study.
  • According to the traditional brewing method for hundreds of years, CANA also invests in a system of factories to ensure food safety and hygiene criteria.
  • Products are rigorously analyzed and tested before packaging the finished product and providing it to users.
  • With the criterion that users’ health comes first, CANA always puts its heart into each product, bringing perfection to consumers.
  1. CANA Traditional Fish Sauce is 100% real traditional fish sauce
  • Do not mix flavorings
  • No coloring
  • No Preservatives

Please choose and use the clean product “CANA Traditional Fish Sauce” to protect the health of yourself and your family.