Extremely interesting things about fish sauce that you may not know


The most delicious anchovy sauce

Anchovy is a fish that eats on the floating layer, low in fat, when the fish sauce is produced, it will not be greasy, it will not smell rancid like other fish. Anchovy is more thoroughly hydrolyzed than other fish, so after the incubation period from 6-12 months, the fish sauce has no longer smelled bad.

The first fish sauce is called fish sauce

The reason is called fish sauce, because at that time the fish sauce was brewed for 1-2 years, harvested every drop of the first, delicious and delicious.

According to Vietnamese standard TCVN 5107: 2003, fish sauce is divided into 4 categories:

– Special type: Protein> 30N g / l.

– Premium type: Protein> 25 N g / l.

Grade 1: Protein> 15N g / l.

– Grade 2: Protein> 10N g / l.

Below 10 degrees of protein, not called fish sauce, but just a dipping sauce.