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Benefits we bring

Environment friendly

Green, modern, no-distance office, located in a central area, convenient traffic, helps employees to create new products comfortably.


Depending on the position and actual work of each individual, CANA has allowances: Responsibility, Gasoline / Travel, Rent, Lunch, Business travel ....


We want you to develop and learn a lot while working, along with direct training at work so that employees can take on their roles, we also perform Training courses are developed to meet the needs of improving soft skills, managerial skills, professional knowledge and skills.


All official employees can participate in Social insurance, Health insurance, Unemployment insurance, this is a consistent policy and is strictly implemented from the first day of establishment.


The talents and achievements of each member are valued by us, the reward is based on the performance. You can see awards honoring talent and annual achievement.

Career opportunities

Depending on your strengths, we can guide and choose a career future for each individual. If you are strong in your area of expertise, you can develop in the direction of an expert, if you are strong in management you can develop towards a manager.



Hồ Chí Minh Part Time

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Kitchen Deputy

Hồ Chí Minh Full time

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