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Traditional fish sauce CANA
Awaken the hundred years

From premium anchovy ingredients and high-iodized sea salt of Ca Na, with the hot sun and wind here blending into each fish, each drop of traditional CANA fish sauce creates a distinctive flavor, purity hesitating in every drop, awakening the hundred years in every Vietnamese family meal.

Essence every drop from the sea
Traditional fish sauce CANA

Ca Na Salt

As the best salt in Southeast Asia with a pure salt ratio of up to 95%, and the highest amount of I-OT in the country.

The sun is hot all year round

With the number of sunny days and high temperature, Ca Na is good for absorbing and retaining heat to create delicious fish sauce.

Ca Na anchovies

From the only upwelling water area in Vietnam, Ca Na anchovy has high protein content, rich in vitamins and minerals.


Traditional maturation method, combining nitrogen removal technology, into coincidence.

Traditional fish sauce CANA

Special product
Traditional fish sauce CANA

It is the perfect combination between Bamboo, Bau Truc pottery and the specialties of the upland area of Ninh Thuan province, plus the essence in every drop of CANA's traditional fish sauce.